Sponsor a Camper for Summer Pickleball!

Through our non-profit arm, we will be running camps next summer for kids from low-income families, and they need your help!

Click the button below to start your donation and instantly receive your tax deducitble reciept. $50 is the suggested donation ($129 sponsors a camper for the whole week!) Any donation value helps!

Winter RECS Flex Leagues begin Jan 1st!

Click here for more information.

There are a number of updates to the fall model that we believe will make for a much better league experience, as this model is in line with what Court Reserve intended when they created the Flex League option.

The registration fee will be assessed to your Court Reserve account for each league session you register for.

Please note: These fees help us cover the administrative costs for setting up and running the pickleball flex leagues, the additional cost for the service that we are charged by Court Reserve, and the prizes at the end of each league season.

If there is no flex league option that works for your schedule, we have added a lot of exciting programming at a variety of skill levels, so please take a look at the calendar in Court Reserve and maybe try something you haven't done before -- we think you'll be glad you did!

Furthermore, the winter sessions will run for 9 weeks. We'll be monitoring how this season goes and make tweaks for the next season, as it is always our goal to create the best player experience that we can!

Please call 503-655-PLAY (7529) or email if you have any additional questions.