NEW Events at RECS

Early Bird - Night Owl Open Play FREE FOR RECS MEMBERS

When: Throughout the week early mornings (7 AM - 9PM) and evenings (usually 8 PM - Close).

Free for RECS Members! Visitors can sign up for $6. Open to all skill levels, More recreational players should play on the lower courts, and higher level players on the higher courts. Our staff will communicate this and we will monitor the progress of these news sessions to find if easy tweaks can be implemented so they run as smoothly as possible. But...

Even when games are lopsided, we thank you for always being an "Inspiring Good Sport"!

Humpty Dumpty

When: Monday and Wednesday Evenings

Introducing Humpty Dumpty! This event is nearly identical to Win-Up Lose-Down but with the fun twist of if you lose on the top court, you are relegated all the way to the bottom court. 3.0-3.5 and 3.5-4.0 sessions are live on court reserve.

Getting Balanced for 65+ Pickleball

This introductory session is for individuals 65 and over. We'll not only cover the basics of pickleball, but also some tips and tricks for how to develop and keep the balance and fitness needed to participate in recreational activities like pickleball with your safety and health in mind. CHECK OUT THE VIDEO HERE.

Mobility, Balance and Strength for 65+

When: The first session is Monday June 5th from 11 AM - 12 PM

This is a clinic (on Mondays and Fridays in June) with Personal Trainer Matt Del Garbino. If you've taken the "Getting Balanced" clinic and want to go a step or two further, this is the perfect next clinic for you. Click here for more info and to register.

UTSA Pickleball League

RECS is hosting USTA Pickleball Leagues, starting mid-June. Two multi-week pickleball league formats will be running in Northern Oregon this summer: Gender Specific Doubles and Co-Ed Doubles. USTA is partnering with DUPR for the 2023 pickleball league season, and all match results will be uploaded to DUPR.

Click here for more information

Please call 503-655-PLAY (7529) or email if you have any additional questions.