We use Court Reserve for club and member management. You will need to create a free Court Reserve account by downloading the Court Reserve app to your mobile device or go to and click on: “create account.” Search for "RECS" in the database of clubs.

Through Court Reserve, you will be able to:

  • View the calendar of upcoming events
  • Book a court
  • Sign up for clinics and events
  • Manage your account

Once your account is created, just choose the membership level that is best for you or you and your family, as there are a variety of options.

NEW! “Pick-Up Games” is a new matchmaking feature that is now live in Court Reserve. This is a great option for anyone wanting to connect for games with other players around the same skill level.

Members can now: A) Create a Pick-Up Game, and/or; B) Join a Pick-Up Game through the open reservation setting.

For tutorials on how to create a Pick-Up Game and how to join a Pick-Up Game, click here.


When reserving a court for pickleball or any other of our offerings, you must add others to the reservation. These individuals must have an account already set up in Court Reserve as well. (If their name does not populate in the field, then they do not have a currently active membership and/or have not signed their liability waiver in their Court Reserve profile).

Only the person making the reservation will be charged at the time of the reservation, per their hourly rate. The others added to the court reservation will be assessed a court reservation fee, per their hourly rate, that will be charged when RECS runs a weekly “batch billing”.

For doubles pickleball, you may add 5 players for a total of 6 per court.

For singles pickleball, you may add 2 players for a total of 3 per court. The hourly rate, per person, is higher on weekends and weeknights after 4 PM due to the intrinsic value of a court hour.

If your membership level allows you to bring a guest, choose "number of guests" and type the name of the guest (it does not pull the guest name from the Court Reserve database). Guests need to sign a physical waiver upon arrival if they have not have one on file in Court Reserve.


"Events" in Court Reserve include play formats such as "Open Play" and "Round Robins", in which individuals sign themselves up and are charged at the time of booking per their membership level.

Fees for “event” RSVPs will be charged at the time of an individual’s RSVP.

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