You will find a premier recreational experience at our RECS facility, which features:

  • 18,000 square feet for nine state-of-the-art rubber cushion courts, separated by net dividers and with ample spacing
  • Permanent (not portable) steel net systems
  • 20-30 foot high ceiling (lowest at the walls and highest in the middle)
  • Zero interior columns

The heart of the RECS experience is playing fun games and sports like pickleball that are easy to learn, but impossible to perfect.


Our flagship sport, pickleball is the fastest growing sport in the U.S. for multiple years in a row. Best described as a mix between tennis and ping-pong on a badminton-sized court, it seems that everyone who tries it becomes addicted.

As we launch and grow, our programming will be multi-faceted, accommodating people at all levels of the game of pickleball.


Or “Sonnis”, as we like to call it. There are variations of this game all over the world — “futnet” or “nohejbal” in E. Europe, “tennis-ballon” in France, “foot-tennis” or “football-tennis” in Germany, “jogku” in Korea. In Brazil, you’ll find the beaches of Ipanema filled with people playing “futevolei” which uses a higher net.

Whatever you call it, anyone with even basic soccer skills will immediately fall in love with this game.

Coming soon: Roundnet, Teqball, Footpool, and more.

Check out our YouTube channel to watch clips from these, and other, games and sports from around the world that provide the RECS experience!

Please note: The nature of our recreational offerings is intended for people over 9 or 10 years of age. At this time, we have no suitable offering for younger children’s parties. Adult chaperones are required for all events with children.