Joining a play session at RECS is a great way to play games with and against others at whatever skill level you're currently at. These tend to be the most rewarding games -- the rallies are longer and the games are just more competitive.

Most play sessions will have a skill rating attached to them - meaning that the session is meant for a certain skill level, or skill range. How do you know your skill level? We like the International Pickleball Teaching Professional Association's (IPTPA) self-assessment guide. Or, this simpler one put out by the "Pickleball Guru."

Most people want to know what their skill level is. The truth is that ratings are complicated and imperfect. We encourage all players to get as much instruction as you can and practice what you have learned as often as you can. It shouldn't take long until you start see improvement. And there's a good chance that you'll also begin to notice all the benefits of the RECS experience, like feeling good and making new friends!

NEW! “Pick-Up Games” are a new way to meet and play with others at your skill level. For more info, visit the Reserve page.

The calendar is full of play sessions at a variety of skill levels -- see below. We encourage you to register at the level that you think you're at, and see how it goes. After a few group play sessions at RECS, you should start to get a sense for where your level is at and what you might want to work on, in which case you might consider our clinics or booking lessons with one of our amazing instructors. Just remember that the most rewarding games are with players at or near your skill level.

Please note:

  • In Court Reserve, be sure to click on “Dates” for any Open Play level that you’re viewing in order to see all upcoming date and time options and register for any from there.
  • The correct price for any event is based on your membership level, and will only appear when you are logged in.

(Scroll on the right of the inset frame to view all upcoming options.)