Flex Leagues


RECS Flex Leagues are returning for the Summer Time! If you’re looking for fun, competitive play at your pickleball skill level with standings calculated from your results, you’re going to love RECS Flex Leagues! Sign up as an individual, only play when you can. 

DATE: Summer 2024 begins week of June 2 and runs through August 31st. There are options at the following levels:

  • 3.0 (skill range 2.75 -- 3.25)
  • 3.5 (skill range 3.25 - 3.75)
  • 4.0 (skill range 3.75 - 4.25)

Registration and Game Day fees apply.

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What exactly is a “Flex” League?

RECS Flex Leagues are essentially leveled ladder leagues with different partners each time you play, based on which registrants “opt-in” to play each day & time. Every player is their own “team”.

For each Game Day occurrence, the Court Reserve software will seed the participants who have "opted in" to that Game Day occurrence prior to playing based on the standings, which are calculated from the game results (total points won, not wins and losses) that the players input after each game.

On each Game Day, the courts with "higher rated" players on the day are more likely to have 4 players, and the courts with "lower rated" players are more likely to have 5, though it depends upon the total number of players who opt-in for each Game Day.

What are the costs to participate, and can anyone join?

  • There is a nominal registration fee for the league (determined by membership level).
  • Members will be able to register first for the overall league, as well as each individual play occurrence, called a "Game Day."
  • There is a “pay per play” fee, also determined by membership level and in line with membership level hourly rates.

What is the registration deadline, and how many spaces are there in each league?

  • Registration is open for each league until it fills.
  • There will be a waitlist for any league that fills.

Is there a minimum / maximum limit on the number of times someone must or can play?

  • Any league registrant can ‘opt-in’ to play as long as the Game Day has not filled.

Once I’m an officially registered player in one of the RECS Flex League skill divisions, how do I know when to play?

  • Registrants will be able to “opt in” to upcoming Game Day occurrences -- advanced registration terms per membership levels apply.

Can I participate in more than one league if my rating allows?


In what ways will RECS communicate with players in each league?

There are a variety of ways that we will be communicating with players about anything from scheduling matters, to last minute openings to play in a Game Day occurrence, to rules or procedural reminders.

  • GroupMe – anyone who is registered will be sent a link to join a group in the GroupMe app specifically for their skill level division. This group will have the most specific and frequent communications specific to that Flex League skill level.
  • Push Notifications – please be sure that you are allowing push notifications in your Court Reserve settings, as we will employ this communication tool for urgent matters. 
  • Other communication tools include Global Announcements in Court Reserve, the RECS Facebook member group, as well as email and, if urgent, text messaging.


There are two primary ways that we will communicate messages (for example, when spots open in a “Game Day” occurrence):

A.  The GroupMe app, please only join the groups you are signed up for:

  • 3.0 Tuesday--------
  • 3.5 Monday---------
  • 3.5 Saturday -------
  • 4.0 Thursday-----  

B. Court Reserve Email and Push Notifications

Please ensure that your Email and Push Notifications are enable for Leagues in your Court Reserve setting profile:

  1. In Court Reserve app home screen, select “More” in bottom right corner (three dots)
  2. Select “Personal Information”
  3. Click on the “Notifications” tab
  4. Make sure that you have not selected “unsubscribe from my Club/Organization Emails/Alerts/Newsletters
  5. In the “Notification” table, be sure to slide the “Email” and “Push Notification” buttons to allow us to provide important notifications to you.

Each each day/time is a separate flex league session.

Additional Information:
League Length: 10 weeks
Recommended minimum “Game Day” Opt-Ins: 5 (Game Days, not games played).
Minimum Plays required to be eligible for award recognition: 6 Game Day participations. (Minimum of 10 gameday participations for 4.0 M,W,F).

Session Registration Fee: A registration fee will be assessed to your Court Reserve account for each league session you register for.
Game Day Opt-In fee: Each game day that you play you will be charged a fee to play and the fee varies based on membership levels


Every player must have chosen their skill level in their profile settings in order to register for the appropriate league for your skill level. This can be found in your player profile -- “Pickleball Skill Rating Level” -- choose the appropriate level for you. Here is a skill ratings guide that we feel is most accurate for self-assessing your skill level.

To Register in your Court Reserve account, go to: Leagues → List → Session

Click here to see all upcoming league options and to register.

Registration & Game Day Opt-In Fees & Advanced Registration Access

Please call 503-655-PLAY (7529) or email hello@WeareRECS.com if you have any additional questions.