Fitness Benefit Programs


We are excited to announce that we have been approved for two Fitness Benefit (also known as Membership Reimbursement) programs for 65+ individuals: “Renew Active” or “OnePass” for Medicare / Medicaid members (Premium level) and “Silver & Fit” (Premium level).

From June 1 through September 30, we are honoring Active & Fit and PeerFit fitness benefits for those who have access to these programs through your employer or insurance! Please contact us at  with your corresponding identification number so we can verify your eligibility and switch you over to the Fitness Benefit membership program, in which your first 8 hours of court reservations and designated group play are included!

NOTE: If you have confirmed that you are a qualified Premium RENEW ACTIVE / OnePass or Premium SILVER & FIT benefit holder, PLEASE SKIP TO THE FORM BELOW to share your benefit ID number with us.

As soon as we are able to confirm that you are participating in premium Renew Active / OnePass or Silver & Fit (Premium level), the final step in activating your RECS membership for these programs is to come visit us! We will be happy to schedule you for an introductory visit. To do so, you have a couple options:

  • Call us! Our number is 503-655-PLAY (7529)
  • Email us! Our email address is

You can drop in as well, though it is preferred for you to contact us first so we can ensure that you receive the time and attention that you deserve.

To find out if you are eligible:

  • Renew Active or OnePass - call your insurance
  • Silver & Fit - click the link or call your insurance

If you don't know which one you have, you can also call your health insurance provider and ask which Fitness Benefit Program you have.

  • If the answer is “Renew Active” or "OnePass", ask what you need to do to activate your benefits, and be sure to get your Renew Active ID number.
  • If the answer is “Silver & Fit”, ask what is required for you to upgrade to “Premium.”

Program Terms at RECS

Both of these programs, Renew Active / OnePass and Silver & Fit (Premium) entitle the fitness benefit holder to:

  • a monthly RECS membership
  • your first 8 hours of court time at no additional cost (after your first 8 hours, your hourly fee is $2, which will be charged to your card or e-check in your Court Reserve account with RECS in your billing profile)

To keep your fitness benefit membership active, you must visit at least once each month.

Note: If you have “Silver Sneakers”, we are still in discussion with Tivity, the company that manages this program, to determine if they will provide a monthly membership for those in this program.

Furthermore, if you have Medicare / Medicaid but are still not eligible via OnePass, we encourage you to ask your agent to shop around during Open Enrollment to see if you can access one of the programs that will entitle you to a RECS monthly membership.

Next Step!

Please fill out the form below if you have your Fitness Benefits ID number, or if you are still in need of assistance with this process.