Fitness Benefit Programs


We are excited to announce that we have been approved for two Fitness Benefit (also known as Membership Reimbursement) programs for 65+ individuals: “Renew Active” or “OnePass” for Medicare / Medicaid members (Premium level) and “Silver & Fit” (Premium level).

Please contact us at  with your corresponding identification number so we can verify your eligibility and switch you over to the Fitness Benefit membership program!

NOTE: If you have confirmed that you are a qualified Premium RENEW ACTIVE / OnePass or Premium SILVER & FIT benefit holder, PLEASE SKIP TO THE FORM BELOW to share your benefit ID number with us.

As soon as we are able to confirm that you are participating in premium Renew Active / OnePass or Silver & Fit (Premium level), the final step in activating your RECS membership for these programs is to come visit us! We will be happy to schedule you for an introductory visit. To do so, you have a couple options:

  • Call us! Our number is 503-655-PLAY (7529)
  • Email us! Our email address is

You can drop in as well, though it is preferred for you to contact us first so we can ensure that you receive the time and attention that you deserve.

A message from RECS to Fitness Benefit members

Greetings RECS “Fitness Benefit” Members,

Many of you are aware that we made some changes to our membership model recently (). While those changes did not have any immediate impact on the “Fitness Benefit” membership, we are making some slight modifications that will take effect starting on Jan. 1, 2024.

Under the current membership terms, the first 8 hours playing each month has been included, and then the hourly billing rate kicks in for subsequent hours. This has proven to be a challenge for members, staff, and our admin staff to manage and track, so we’ve made the decision to move instead to adding some free group play sessions each month for anyone with a Fitness Benefit membership. Other reservations and group play hours will be billed at the same rates as Premier members, which is a $695 annual membership, with $2/hr standard time and $4/hr prime time rates. The advanced booking window will remain 10 days.
To our knowledge, there will be no change in 2024 to the monthly amount anyone is charged by American Specialty Health (ASH) for the Silver & Fit ‘Premier’ membership or by Optum for the Renew Active/OnePass programs. For those who have asked or wondered if there’s an option to “pay up” to get enhanced membership benefits, neither Optum (Renew Active / OnePass) nor ASH have made this an option, unfortunately. 

Being able to offer access to RECS for those of you taking advantage of these programs is really important to us because it aligns with our values (heck, we just launched a podcast with Steve Paranto called  and we’re determined to keep it going even as we make modifications over time to optimize the membership offering. One thing that will help us continue to honor these programs is for those of you who have this benefit to visit RECS at least once a month. This is the mechanism by which we are reimbursed, and so it is very much appreciated!

Ultimately, though, there is nothing that you need to do differently as far as continuing to play here. As long as you’re enrolled with one of the insurance-provided fitness benefit programs that we accept (Silver & Fit via ASH and Renew Active / OnePass from Optum), then you’ll be able to continue Recreating, Exercising, Competing & Socializing at RECS. IF, however, your insurance changed from one of the programs to the other (for example, we understand Providence has changed from Silver & Fit to OnePass), please let us know what your updated ID # is so we can make that important change in your account. Speaking of which...
Something we are asking you to do is to review your personal info in Court Reserve, and make any corrections or updates, specifically to phone number, address, and your Emergency Contact person and their phone number.

Thank you for choosing RECS, and we look forward to seeing you again soon!

To find out if you are eligible:

  • Renew Active or OnePass - call your insurance
  • Silver & Fit - click the link or call your insurance

If you don't know which one you have, you can also call your health insurance provider and ask which Fitness Benefit Program you have.

  • If the answer is “Renew Active” or "OnePass", ask what you need to do to activate your benefits, and be sure to get your Renew Active ID number.
  • If the answer is “Silver & Fit”, ask what is required for you to upgrade to “Premium.”

Program Terms at RECS

Both of these programs, Renew Active / OnePass and Silver & Fit (Premium) entitle the fitness benefit holder to:

  • a RECS membership for each month that you participate at least once
  • Select free group play (usually round robin) sessions on weekdays
  • Court reservations and group play registrations are subject to the same pickleball hourly pricing as the Premier membership level, and will be charged to your card or e-check in your Court Reserve account with RECS in your billing profile)

To keep your fitness benefit membership active, you must visit at least once each month.

Note: If you have “Silver Sneakers”, we are sorry to report that, at this time, we do not have an agreement Tivity, the company that manages this program.

Furthermore, if you have Medicare / Medicaid but are still not eligible via OnePass, we encourage you to ask your agent to shop around during Open Enrollment to see if you can access one of the programs that will entitle you to a RECS monthly membership.

Next Step!

Please fill out the form below if you have your Fitness Benefits ID number, or if you are still in need of assistance with this process.