Where are you located?

We are in Clackamas, a mile off I-205, Exit 12, 4 blocks south of Highway 212 on 82nd Dr. Our address is 17015 SE 82nd Dr., Clackamas OR. 97015, and our phone number is 503-655-PLAY (7529). We have 9 indoor courts designed for recreation and specifically, Pickleball!

Is RECS a private club?

You do not have to be a member to play at RECS, but membership does have its privileges!

What products and services are you offering?

In addition to private court reservations for pickleball, we will also offer:

  • Open Play and organized play sessions
  • Clinics and Private Lessons
  • Private events (team buildings, corporate events, private parties, etc.)

What is the pricing and membership model?

Please see all membership details here.

Are there any membership levels that cover me each time I want to play?

We had a limited number of Founding Memberships that were purchased during the soft launch that fit this description. The "regular" membership levels now available do two important things: 1) reduce the hourly rate of the member; 2) allow a certain level of advanced booking access. The higher the membership level, the better the hourly cost and advanced booking access.

How do I add family members to my family membership plan?

If you opt for a family membership (2-4 people), the primary account holder can easily add family members.

On the mobile app, from the Member Dashboard, click "My Account", then "Family", then "Add Family Member" and enter the required data, then be sure to click 'save'.

On a desktop computer, click "My Family", then "Add New Family Member" and enter the required data, then be sure to click 'save'.

If you want the others on your family membership account to be able to access their account and make court reservations, then be sure to add that family member's email address.

When does a new week start in Court Reserve?

The week resets at midnight when Sunday turns to Monday.

How do I reserve a court?

You will need to create a free CourtReserve account by downloading the CourtReserve app to your mobile device or go to courtreserve.com. Select "I'm a player" and search for "RECS" in the database of clubs to create a free account.

Through CourtReserve, you will be able to:

  • View the calendar of upcoming events
  • Book a court
  • Sign up for clinics and events
  • Manage your account

Once your account is created, just choose the membership level that is best for you or you and your family, as there are a variety of options.

When reserving a court, you must add others, using "find additional players", not "add guests" to the reservation. As long as the other individuals have an account set up in CourtReserve, chosen ‘RECS’ as their club, and signed their liability waiver, then the software will "find" them in the system and allow you to add them to your reservation.

Do I have to use CourtReserve?

Yes, this is how you reserve your court and how we capture liability waivers and billing information.

Do I have to enter my credit card info into Court Reserve?

We strongly prefer that you do. However, if you do not have a credit or debit card, you may make a deposit to your Court Reserve account via cash or check. The minimum amount is $100. Please contact us at info@WeareRECS.com for more information.

Who is responsible for the cost of a court reservation?

Each person who is added to a court reservation will be billed according to their membership level. The only person who is charged at the time the reservation is made is the person who makes the reservation. The other players on the reservation are not billed until we run a "batch billing", which will be done weekly.

What if I want to pay for an entire court reservation that I made?

Please make the reservation on Court Reserve, then call us at 503-655-PLAY, or email us at info@wearerecs.com.

How many people can be on a 'singles' reservation? And a 'doubles' reservation?

Two to three people can be on a 'singles' reservation. Four to six people can be on a 'doubles' reservation.

Is the cost to play singles the same as doubles?

The hourly 'singles' rate, per person, is higher on weeknights after 8 PM and on weekends due to the intrinsic value of a court hour. (In other words, because our pricing model is to charge per person, and not per court, we must charge more for singles during high court demand times). Singles rates during weekdays is the same as doubles rates per each membership level.

Are singles reservations always available?

Based on the very high demand for courts on weeknights and in order to accommodate more members, we have decided (off-summer) to only allow for doubles reservations from 5:00 to 8:00 PM to be bookable via Court Reserve. However, if courts are available in Court Reserve between 5:00 – 8:00 PM, you may call after 12:00 PM on the same day and request to book the court for singles.

How do I edit an upcoming reservation?

You can edit your court reservation by going to schedule and clicking on 'Details’ to get to the page where you can cancel or edit your reservation.

What is the court reservation cancellation policy?

Cancellations within 12 hours of a reservation will incur a penalty. The ability to book a reservation will be removed after 3 cancellations and you will need to contact us at 503-655-PLAY to discuss reinstatement terms.

What are the rules and terms for a court reservation?

The rules vary slightly between different membership levels, so the higher one’s membership level, the more generous the reservation terms. Please review membership levels for more information, and call 503-655-PLAY with any questions that you still have.

Are there other ways to play pickleball besides a court reservation?

Yes – there are many other options including "Open Play" and other types of sessions (like "round robins" and "ladder leagues" – found under "Events" in CourtReserve) for all skill levels. There will be a limited number of spots available for each of these sessions to ensure everyone who signs up gets a lot of playing time.

Additionally, members may create a "Pick-Up Game", or open court reservation, that allows others at the same skill level to opt in to the court reservation.

How do I know my rating before signing up for a skill-rating based event, like Open Play?

Please use the IPTPA self-assessment to determine your rating before signing up for a few of the sessions at the skill level you think you belong, and see how you do! If you need to adjust to a higher or lower rating group, then we encourage you to do so. It's not always easy to be self-aware, but please take note of how you're doing in these sessions and adjust accordingly.

How do Open Play and other organized play sessions work?

  • We cap each session close to the number of spots available on the courts, ensuring that if you register and attend, that you will get as much playing time as you want. In other words, there won't be much sitting around!
  • Most sessions are two hours long, and you will be charged at the hourly rate determined by your membership level.
  • The "Visitor" membership level is able to register for Open Play sessions.
  • We will provide balls for Open Play sessions.
  • Paddles are available for rent, and for sale!

If we have a group of players that wants to create an Open Play session, is that an option for us?

Please email us at Info@WeareRECS.com and provide more information about what you'd like to do (day, time, and skill level).

OR -- use the "Pick-Up Game" tool to create an open court reservation to meet and play with others at your skill level!

What about lessons and clinics?

Our calendar includes many opportunities for members and visitors to sign up for clinics and smaller group lessons. Additionally, we have a number of IPTPA and PPR certified instructors that you are able to choose from via CourtReserve to take personal lessons from. Just click "Book a Lesson" in Court Reserve and find the time and instructor, then choose the lesson format you are seeking.

What is the cancellation policy for lessons?

24 HOURS is how long before a Private Lesson that anyone may cancel and automatically receive a full refund. If you are canceling the same day as your lesson, please call 503-655-PLAY so we can hopefully save the instructor from making a trip to RECS.

Can I just show up to play?

We do not recommend this, as there is good chance that the courts will all be in use and all of the spots filled. You are welcome to try, but going through Court Reserve to sign up for an event or reserve a court is always your best bet.

Do you have a Ball Machine?

The Ball machine can be booked as a private lesson, rates vary for each membership and can only be booked on the back courts (7,8,9).

Do you rent equipment?

Yes -- a paddle rental is $5 per visit (paddles are free for "Intro to Pickleball" clinic attendees).

Regarding balls, here are the options:

  • Use RECS Head/Penn indoor balls at no cost (ask if you don't see them)
  • Rent Franklin X40 balls from our pro shop
  • Purchase Franklin X40 balls from our pro shop
  • Bring your own balls (please mark them clearly with your name)

Is there a pro shop?

Yes! We have over 1,200 sq. ft. of space dedicated to a pro shop, food and beverage, and a Player's Lounge. In the Pro Shop, we sell (paddles from Joola, CRBN, Selkirk, PDX Paddles, Holbrook, Head, TMPR, and our own RECS branded paddles in partnership with Recess Pickleball. We will be adding more pro gear and equipment over time.

Do you demo the paddles you sell?

Yes -- please ask the staff about demo-ing a paddle.

What food options do you have in the Player's Lounge?

We currently carry a lot of snacks, as well as items that we will defrost and zap to serve hot to you if you need something more substantial.

What beverage options are available in the Player's Lounge?

We have our OLCC license, which allows us to serve beer and wine. We are proud to feature amazing craft beers from our sponsor partner Coin Toss Brewing in Oregon City, as well as Backwoods and Oakshire. We also carry an array of canned adult beverages, including hard cider.

In addition to adult beverages, we carry a variety of non-alcoholic options (including Athletic Brewing N/A beer)

Are there locker rooms?

There are no locker rooms, but we will have clean towels for you to use after playing. The bathrooms have enough room to serve as a changing room as well.

How is the parking situation?

We can accommodate about 50 cars, so parking may sometimes be a challenge. We strongly encourage players to carpool or use ride-sharing services like Lyft whenever possible.

How can I learn more about the games and sports at RECS?

Check out our playlist of videos that we curated featuring these games, and more, from around the world.

How can I play the other games and sports that RECS seems to offer, like Soccertennis and Teqball?

Please call us at 503-655-PLAY or email info@wearerecs.com!

Is it all ages?

For the most part, yes, although we don’t have much to offer kids under the age of 9 or 10. Parents are required to accompany children under the age of 14, and ages 15-17 require a waiver signed by a parent or guardian. Children, like adults, can be in the courts only as players with reservations.

Are you hiring?

All current positions can be found on our Jobs page.