Start with Why...

Our vision for RECS is values-based. Providing an experience by which patrons "Recreate, Exercise, Compete, and Socialize" all within an affordable hour really captures the value of the RECS experience and culture. If you're wondering what is behind this vision, it's important to start with the problem that we're addressing...

Digitally Divided

Our culture may be more fractured than ever, from a broad societal level right down to the family unit. The advent of the internet was supposed to bring us closer together, but it may be safe to say now that it’s doing a much better job of driving us apart — apart from each other and even splintering us on an individual level.

"Anxious" and "lonely" are words that characterize the epidemic of disconnection.

Bad Sports

Bad behavior is ubiquitous, and one doesn’t have to look much further than traditional sports, whether professional or amateur, adult or youth. Stories of abusive behavior from coaches, parents and fans abound.

It’s out of control.


The Solution

RECS provides the opportunity for people to Recreate, Exercise, Compete, and Socialize, four essential human experiences, all within one affordable hour, by playing games and sports that are low-impact, fun, and addictive.



We encourage well-being and connection with others in the space where purposeful recreation meets friendly competition. We focus on creating camaraderie and community through sports and inclusiveness for people of all abilities and skill levels.

As an employer, we value fair compensation, room to grow, training, a healthy and creative work environment, and appreciation for the important role that diversity plays in enriching and enlivening our organization.

Core Values

  • Goodwill - Actively accept, respect, and honor each other
  • Good Sports - Strive for perfect sportsmanship in every situation as an end in itself
  • Well Being - Pursue and support others in their pursuit of a higher state of well-being
  • Good Time - Life is a collection of experiences -- together let's make them great ones

The Pledge

All RECS participants will be required to sign the following pledge before participating in any activities. The pledge will be plainly visible upon entry and throughout the building.

"I believe that good sportsmanship is the foundation for a positive sporting experience, and I commit to demonstrating this through my actions and behavior at every opportunity as a participant at this and all future RECS events."